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Bookmark collectors from Spain

Please write us if you don't get any answer from an email address from the list,
or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.

Rosa Sobrino Rodrigues

"Swap bookmarks for two years. Especially from publishers of my favourite
books, like Twilight, Harry Potter, Narnia, etc ... I would love to expand my
collection with bookmarks of my favourite books from all over the world.
So if you are interested in interchange with me, do not hesitate to get in
touch, I'll be happy to exchange with you. I have bookmarks from Brazil,
Portugal and Spain."

Charo Cerdeira Paradela


"I have been collecting bookmarks for some years now. I collect
bookmarks from all over the world and I have lots of bookmarks
from México and Spain to swap. You can visit my blog and watch
my doubles at:
You can contact me in Spanish, English, French or Italian."

Gema Gabriel

"I'm a bookmark collector. I have a lot of doubles to exchange. I'm 
interested mainly in childrens and youth literature bookmarks, art, 
the book fairs and everything related to the world of the book. I would 
like to exchange with other collectors around the world. Please, contact 
me in Spanish (preferably), French or English.

Alejandro Rodriguez

"Hi, I'm a bookmark collector from Spain and I would like to exchange 
bookmarks with everybody from all over the world. 
Please write me in English or Spanish.

Chelo Alvarez

"I have been collecting bookmarks for some years. I wish to exchange
bookmarks from all over the world. Have a look at my doubles here:
I'm interested in publishers bookmarks, art, illustration, puzzles ...
You can write me in English or Spanish."

Pepa Iglessias Hernández


"I'm a bookmark collector. I wish to exchange my doubles with people of 
other countries. I'm interested mainly in bookmarks of flowers, ships, 
horses, art and woman. Also those referred to traditions of countries. 
I can write in English, French, German, Italian and Portuguese."

Stephen Hoare
Renedo de Piélagos - Cantabria

I have been collecting bookmarks for quite a few years. I mainly collect
paper or card bookmarks and I am interested in bookmarks from all over the
world. I have doubles to exchange. I usually get my bookmarks from
bookshops, tourist information offices and book fairs. I also have a
collection of special edition bookmarks which I have to pay for. Like many
bookmark collectors, I thought we were very few but I realise that there are
many of us out there in the world. Not so many people look at me strangely
when I say I collect bookmarks. I hope to hear from people soon.
You can write to me in English or Spanish."

Arantxa Arzamendi
San Sebastián

" I love collecting bookmarks and I have a blog in Basque with
my bookmarks:    

 I can correspond in Basque, Spanish, English or French."

Miguel Costa
Terrassa (Barcelona)


"I'm a bookmark collector and I would like to exchange bookmarks 
with persons from all over the world. I'm Spanish and you can write me
in Spanish or English. Please contact me, I have several doubles for you."

Miriam Mendiola

" My name is Miriam. I collect bookmarks (not handmade, just
official, from publishers etc.) with illustrations of Victoria Francés
( ). She has illustrated American books, German
books, Spanish books...  all over the world. I search the book-
marks for these books :) I have any other kind of bookmarks
for exchange." 

Carlos Cañaveras Cantero

"I collect bookmarks and I'm most interested in hand-made
bookmarks and the ones made of leather, fabric, wood and
magnetic bookmarks. Also bookmarks with photos/illustra-
tions and with names of cities or countries, or anything else
representing your country. I would like to exchange book-
marks with other collectors around the world. You can write
me in Spanish (preferably) or also in English." 

Vidal Vilda Moreno
Aguilar de Campoo



"Hi, my name is Vidal. I started collecting bookmarks in 2003. I have got
around 2.000 of them (now in 2006) and many doubles for exchange.
I would like to exchange with others collectors around the world. 
Please, contact me in Spanish (preferably), French or English"

Domènec Martinez Muñoz

"I wish to exchange puzzle bookmarks. I have a lot of them and you
can see them and choose your favorite ones on my picasa site if you 
write me. I have also a blog on bookmarks:
I hope to hear from you." 

Aurora Carruesco Ortiz


"I am a bookmark collector from Spain.
I have a lot of doubles to exchange. You can mail and write me
in German, French, Catalan,
and English,
but my English is not very well.

Carme Aguilar



"I am a bookmark collector and I would like to exchange bookmarks 
all over the world. You can write me in Spanish or English. 
I hope to hear from you."

Josefina Cruz Perez
Simancas, Vallodolid

"Hola! Me llamo Josefina Cruz, resido en Simancas en Valladolid,
colecciono marcap ginas desde hace bastante tiempo, tengo en la
actualidad 3600, ordenados y archivados. Si estais interesados en
intercambiar mi correo electronico es 
Un saludo.


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