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The bookmark collectors in the following lists - meanwhile 237 collectors from 41 different countries -
are interested in exchanging bookmarks with others.
Send an email to  to register in the lists below (updated April 30, 2017).
To register, we need your full address, your email address and a personal message from you. 
Due to security reasons, we'll publish only the town and country of your residence.

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Please write us if you don't get any answer from an email address from the list,
or if your email bounces back. We'll check and eliminate email addresses
which are no more in use.



A service from MIRAGE BOOKMARK for bookmark collectors!


You'll get a recorded and online trackable airmail letter enclosing 50 pieces different 
collectible bookmarks.
Among them are some commercial bookmarks from museums and 
gift shops and publishers, the one or the other old or new handmade bookmarks, a metal, 
leather or woven bookmark, illustrated giweaway bookmarks from libraries, bookstores, 
companies and governments from different parts of the world. Further, it may enclose a 
magnetic bookmark or a cutout plastic bookmark or a type of bookmark you haven't seen yet.

So, let yourself be surprised by the collection you get. This is ideal for new collectors / 
as a gift for an avid bookmark collector / as an interesting addition to your own collection.  

If you should order more than one package, we'll ship them together in one letter and
the different packages may contain some duplicates, we don't check this.

The transition time is about one week to Europe, USA, CDN, Australia, Singapore; 
about two weeks to Central and South America, Africa, and Asia. 

Yes, I order 50 different collectible bookmarks including recorded airmail shipping
for $ 29.95


new bookmark collectors
- registered in March 2017 -

Rosa Sobrino Rodrigues 

"Swap bookmarks for two years. Especially from publishers of my favourite
books, like Twilight, Harry Potter, Narnia, etc ... I would love to expand my
collection with bookmarks of my favourite books from all over the world.
So if you are interested in interchange with me, do not hesitate to get in
touch, I'll be happy to exchange with you. I have bookmarks from Brazil,
Portugal and Spain."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in December 2016 -

Louise English 
Horley, Surrey
England UK

"I've been collecting bookmarks for a few years now, and would love to
swap with other collectors around the world. Most of my colletion (and
spares for swapping) are paper and card, the sort of bookmarks that are
given away free in libraries and bookshops."

new bookmark collectors
- registered in October 2016 -

Michael Holbrook 
Salem, OR

"I'm a book lover and, until I found this site, was not aware of bookmark clubs.
This is wonderful. I'm in the US (Salem, OR) and only speak English. Would
love to trade bookmarks. I'm a newbie so I presently only have a few. But I'll
keep my eyes open for more!"

new bookmark collectors
- registered in August 2016 -

Ana Claudia Ribeiro 
Tres Rios / RJ

"Hello, my name is Ana Claudia Ribeiro, I am from Brazil and a bookmark
collector since 2014. I love bookmarks and I'd like to exchange them with
other countries as well. You can write me in English or portuguese. You
can send me an email, please!"

new bookmark collectors
- registered in July 2016 -

Kerstin Dahlqvist

"My name is Kerstin. I am a Swedish female. I collect bookmarks with
art motifs, bookmarks with photos of cities, writers, commercial book-
marks from publishing companies, libraries, bookstores and non-profit
organisations. I do not want collect bookmarks from religious organisa-
tions or bookstores, or bookmarks with quotes from any religion.

new bookmark collectors
- registered in July 2016 -

Luiza Gomes
Governador Valadares

"Hello! My name is Luiza and I collect markers since 2015. I like all kinds of
markers and will be very happy if you invite me to exchange! I await contact
by email or facebook: 

Cleidiane Rodrigues de Jesus

"Hi, my name is Cleidiane, I'm from Brazil, I collect and exchange markers since
2012, would like to exchange with many people from different countries who are
interested in exchanging, send me an email or send a message on my Facebook 
profile:  .

new bookmark collectors
- registered in June 2016 -

Fabio Amador

"Hello! I am a bookmark collector from Colombia. I would like to swap
my duplicates with other collectors from all over the world. You can
find my duplicates in my blog:  "

Tomás Chaves

Belo Horizonte

"Hi, my name is Tomás. I'm from Brasil and collect anime and manga
bookmarks from all over the world. If you would like to trade, just mail
me in Portuguese, English or Spanish."

Maria Aparecida Machado
Porto Alegre

"Hi, my name is Maria, I am from Brazil and I've been collecting paper
bookmarks since 2010, but I recently started really organizing my
collection. I am interested in any kind of bookmarks, but especially
the ones from events like book fairs, from publishing houses, from
bookstores and from museums. I can communicate in english, Portu-
guese, Spanish and basic French. I am also available on Facebook at:"

new bookmark collectors
- registered in April 2016 -

Akitoshi Matsuoka

"Hello! My name is Akitoshi. I collect all kinds of bookmarks
and have many doubles to exchange. I also have a blog about
Please write me in English or Japanese."

Daniela Silva
São Paulo

"My name is Daniela! I am a Brazilian collector of bookmarks. My
collection is composed of many editorial bookmarks and I am
interested in exchange with different countries all over the world.
You can write me in Portuguese, english and Spanish."

Minca Huiberts
Weert Limburg

"Hello, my name is Minca Huiberts. I started collecting bookmarks in 2011.
I collect almost everything but I'm mostly interested in Young Adult books
& movies (like The Hunger Games, Divergent, Fallen, Mortal Instruments).
I like bookmarks from Fantasy books too! Here's a list of bookmarks
I can trade. The list is not always complete or up to date. So you can contact
me, however only in English or Dutch: "


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