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The Silk Woven Bookmarks of Thomas Stevens
Mark R.B. Cottrill
A comprehensive photographic listing of the bookmarks made by Thomas Stevens
in the period of 1862-1937.
blurb online publishers, 2015, 160 pages

Early French Bookmarks

Asim Maner
published by Maner Consulting, Switzerland, 2014, 132 p
ISBN 978 3 033 04754 9
A compilation of printed French bookmarks pre 1970
can be ordered at

Uno su 500 - Storia del segnalibro FILA
Catalogue on the history of FILA bookmarks and other Italian stationery promotions
Alessandro and Michaela Merseburger in collaboration with Gabriele Pasquali
self-publishing, 2012, 176 pages 
ISBN 978 88 906824 0 7
order from Alessandro Merseburger at   mmenest (at)

The Silk Weavings of William Henry Grant
Mark R.B. Cottrill
self-publishing, 2012

Kindai Nippon "Shiori" Daizukan
Modern Japan "Bookmark" Encyclopedia
Compiled by Toshiyuki Yamada, Takeuchi Toshiyuki, Yamada Takahisa,
Yuhen Hashima, Tomoyuki Takeuchi, Takashi Hisao, Hashima Tomoyuki
199 p., 26 cm, in Japanese
Kokusho Kankokai, Tokyo, 2011
ISBN 978 4 336 05370 1
can be ordered by Books Wasabi

Stevengraphs in Colour
Mark R.B. Cottrill
self-publishing, 2011

Lesezeichen Sammeln

(Collecting Bookmarks)
Karl Heinz Steinbeisser
Antiquariat Steinbeisser, 2006, 107 p, in German
ISBN 3 0001 7649 7
Systematical approach with an emphasis on medieval bookmarks
El Punt de Lectura
Fundaciķ Caixa Sabadell
Barcelona Editorial Mediterrānia, S.L.
2005, ISBN 84-8334-683-4
Apunts d'historia i punts d'autor, 159 p.

Les signets anciens publicitaires
(Early French Advertising Bookmarks)
Dominique & Henri Sadion
self-publishing, France, 2004, 206 pages 
comprehensive picture catalogue without text 
can be ordered at   hsadion (at)

Frank Divendal
No. 3 / year 9 of the periodical Uitgelezen Boeken, 2003
De Buitenkant Publishers, Amsterdam
Booklet about bookmarks from the collection of Frank Divendal
who was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records in 2006
as the owner of the largest collection of bookmarks with over 
70,000 bookmarks at that time, and over 120,000 meanwhile.  

Macclesfield Woven Silk Pictures
Lewis Cowen
Authors Inc., Wilmslow, Cheshire, UK, 2001, 48 pages

100 Lesezeichen
der Historischen Bibliothek der Stadt Rastatt
(100 Bookmarks of the Historical Library of the Town Rastatt)
Hans Heid

published by the town of Rastatt, Germany, 2001, in German
ISBN 3 923 082 371

A selection out of around 2900 bookmarks and other ephemera
found in the books of the Historical Library of Rastatt, Germany

Marco Ferreri
published by Corraini Editore, March 2000, paperback, 112p
ISBN 8886250274
Marco Ferreri was the curator of a bookmark collection owned
by the Italian furniture house Giorgetti, Milano. The bookmark
collection was exhibited in the premises of the divers representatives
of Giorgetti as a promotion event. The book presents bookmarks
of the Giorgetti collection.
Bookcheck: Recipe Bookmarks 
for Friends Who Borrow Your Favourite Books
Vermont Kitchen Publications, August 1999
Paperback, 24p, ISBN 0962725315
The Science and Math Bookmark Book
300 Fascinating, Fact-Filled Bookmarks
Kendall Haven, Roni Berg
Teacher Ideas Press, May 1999, Paperback, 115p
ISBN 1563086751
The Bookmark Book
Caroly S. Brodic, Debra Goodrich, Paula K. Montgomery
Cut'n Clip Series, Libraries Unlimited, Inc., Englewood, Colorado 1996
paperback, 100 p
ISBN 1563083000
The book contains 280 bookmarks to cut out with informations for students
covering topics from art, music, math, science and social studies.
E.-Günther Rehse
Verlag Beruf + Schule, Itzehoe, Germany,  1994, 160p, German
many b/w images, emphasis on medieval bookmarks
Dover Publications
A whole range of album books with twelve detachable card bookmarks
1981 till today
new edition of Coysh's first book from 1974
A.W. Coysh, R.K. Henrywood
Shire Publications Ltd, Buckinghamshire 1994, 32 p
many images, a more recent publication of Coysh's first book from 1974

Collecting Printed Ephemera
John Lewis, Antique Collector's Club, Woodbridge, 1992
Bookmarks for Cooks
12 bookmark designs, markers for your cookbooks
Starrhill Press, River City Publishing, Dec 1991, ISBN 0913515728
Collecting Printed Ephemera
Maurice Rickards
Phaidon-Christie's Ltd, Oxford, 1988, 244 p
ISBN 0 7148 8051 5
The Bookmarkers of the Scottish Widows Fund
Abraham Jonker, Neopardy Publications, Torquay, 1981
The Encyclopedia of Collectibles
Time Life Int., 1978, two volumes
Collecting Bookmarkers
The very first book entirely on bookmarks - a most valuable resource !
A.W. Coysh
David & Charles Ltd., Devon, 1974, 96 p
The first book devoted to bookmarks exclusively!

The Complete Book of Paper Antiques
A. Hechtlinger, W. Cross, New York 1972
The Price Guide to Stevengraphs
Austin Sprake
The Antique Collectors Club, London, 1972 

Stevengraphs and Other Victorian Silk Pictures
Geoffrey A. Godden
Barrie & Jenkins, London, 1971

Stevengraph Price Guide: Stevengraphs, Stevens Silk Postcards, Bookmarks
Austin Sprake
self-publishing, 1971

Austin Sprake and Michael Darby
self-publishing, 1968

The Silk Pictures of Thomas Stevens
Wilma Sinclair LeVan Baker
A Biography of the Coventry Weaver and his Contribution to the Art of Weaving,
With an Illustrated Catalogue of His work
Exposition Press, New York, 1957, 150 pages, bw images 

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catalogue - History of FILA bookmarks

Uno su 500 - Storia del segnalibro FILA - 2012


Modern Japan "Bookmark" Encyclopedia - 2011

Bookmarks by Marco Ferreri - 2000

 The first book on bookmarks - 1974

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