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I’m talking about the physical, save-your-place-in-a-book type of bookmark, rather than the virtual, hey-I-want-to-remember-
this-cool-place-on-the-net type of bookmark.'
- Alan Irwin, Alan Irwin's Blog



'I just got out of the hospital. I was in a speed-reading accident. I hit a bookmark.'
- Steven Wright

'Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?'
- Steven Spielberg

'That won't work very well in Canada, where the dollars are coins!'
- AwsomeAud |

'Reading the bookmark site, I'm with Spielberg, only I'd rather use the dollar to buy another book and use the cash register receipt for a bookmark.'
- Jim Vadeboncoeur, Jr.

'She stuck a bookmark in my heart and walked away.'
- Saul Willams, She



'If you love to read, you know there are three kinds of book-markers: the dog-earer, the any old flat object that will hold my spot-er and the beautiful "I even spent money on a bookmark"-er. Of course, if you read an e-reader you totally miss the point, but that is neither here nor there. I fall into the "I even spent money on a bookmark" category. To me, a bookmark is a friendly "hello! we'reglad you're back!" statements as I immerse myself back into the text to tackle paragraph after paragraph.'
- Being Geek Chic, 

'The war was a sort of bookmark which divided the pages of history.'
- Michèle Roberts, Daughters of the House

'As he noticed me, he placed a letter opener with mother-of-pearl inlays as a bookmark between the pages of the book, laid it aside, stood up and said, he has been waiting for me and he is ready.'
- Orhan Pamuk, The New Life

'Headstone: death's bookmark.'
- Les Coleman

'The fact is, only few readers buy a bookmark because they are interested in it's function. Most  people buy a bookmark because they find it beautiful. It is sort of love at first sight or impulse buying  as marketing gurus would say.'
- Asim Maner



'From at least the 19th century, bookmarks have been thought of and treated as things of beauty and value to be collected, preserved and admired.'
- Frank X. Roberts, Defining the Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'Every English teacher who ever did a Monarch or Cliff's Notes ought to be dragged out to his or her quad, drawn and quartered, then cut into tiny pieces, said pieces to be dried and shrunk in the sun and then sold in the college bookstore as bookmarks.'
- Stephen King, Danse Macabre

'When I start a new book, I like to choose the "right" bookmark, a slip of paper won´t do.'
- keksi2,

'Used books are my dearest: notes on the margin, old tickets and postcards as bookmarks from persons who on the other end of the world may have gotten a murderer or are dead now, but for a short time the same story was performed in our heads, we read the same story.'
- Michèle Roten, Das Magazin, 50 - 2007

Save your bacon - Use a bookmark'
- National Preservation Office, The British Library, 1977



  'And you read your Emily Dickinson,
  And I, my Robert Frost,
  And we note our place with bookmarkers
  That measure what we've lost.'
- Simon and Garfunkel, The Dangling Conversation, Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme

'Sherlock: If the occasional pile of clutter offends you, by all means move it.
      John: Last time I tried that I was bitten by a large spider you appeared to be using as a bookmark.'
- Guy Adams, Sherlock: The Casebook

'A bookmark is usable and a piece of art, therefore it is functional art.'
- Katy Cox and Sue Uhlig, Perdue University Galleries

'I thought of the Australian gum leaf, which was an ideal shape for a bookmark and a pretty thing. In the middle of the night I awoke, and in fancy, saw peeping over a long gum leaf, a little bush sprit with a gum nut on its head.'
- Cecilia May Gibbs

'I’d never been a collector—until I latched onto bookmarks.'
- Lauren Roberts, Bookmarks: A Personal Passion, BiblioBuffet Website



'I used to bookmark relationships, hoping to pick up where I left off when I returned.'
- Darnell Lamont Walker, Creep
''m not sure how much money the bookmark industry brings in these days. I actually tried a brief search but the term "bookmark" has been co-oped by everyone in technology. My question is: why on earth do people pay for bookmarks anyway? I almost understand beautiful ones like the image attached but these are made of brushed stainless steel!?! Is that really necessary or even prudent?

The purpose of a bookmark is to mark your page in a book, yes? Perhaps people also use them to remind themselves that they are rich, appreciate beautiful design, or want to be constantly asked WWJD but I'm not sure. I think the entire bookmark industry is a conspiracy against our good sense.

I'll keep using a trusty dollar bill as my bookmark ... because after all, it's cheaper than a bookmark.'
- The Distillery,

'... lent her his books… but could he believe that Minta read them? She dragged them about the garden, sticking in leaves to mark the place.'
- Virginia Woolf, The Lighthouse

'Bookmarks come in all shapes and sizes. Many are shaped like knives or swords because at the turn of the century, many pages in books were not completely separated, so they were also used as paper cutters.'
- Howard Schecter,



'Before Bush left they gave him a bookmark shaped like a broccoli stalk.'
- Robin Weir, Nancy Reagan's Washington hairdresser

'You're not quite the one because you don't feel permanent. You're lovely. You're here. You're soft and comfortable and I can curl up beside you and hey, at least neither of us are alone. Yo don't feel like the start of something, you feel like the continuation of nothing. You're not quite the one because we're not even thinking about crazy concepts like the "one". No one is meeting anyone's parents. No one is going to be a plus-one at anyone's weddings. No one is holding hands on the subway train. You're not quite the one because you're not meant to be the one. You're a bookmark, a beautiful pause, a blinking light on hold at an office desk."
- Karen Noble

'Throw out those crumpled receipts, old card catalog cards, and ripped up parking tickets and get yourself some real bookmarks.' 
- Robin K. Blum

'The story goes that Art Fry, a new product development researcher at 3M, was frustrated by bookmarks that kept falling out of his choir book, and ultimately created the Post-It® note.'
- Laine Farley, Build A Better Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'Diamond Shamrock Corp. turns trimmings from its annual report into bookmarks for Dallas schoolchildren.'
- Wall Street Journal, 1987



'The disadvantage with people is that you can't put bookmarks in them and set them aside till you want them again.'
- Orson Scott Card, Treasure Box

'Culture is not only passed on orally or by instinctive imitation, but above all through reading and study, hence also through the assistance of such a small object as a bookmark.'
- Marco Ferreri

'The American Security and Trust Company is sending out an attractive New Year souvenir in the shape of a bookmark, on one side of which is a handsome photo engraving showing a panaromic view of the corner of Fifteenth street Pennsylvania avenue. They will be mailed upon request to all wishing to obtain them.'
- The Washington Post, Jan 13, 1907

'Although it must be at least 20 years since I first started collecting, I continue to be surprised that even after all that time I still find bookmarks of a type or design I have not seen before.'
- Peter Standley

'The most unusual thing I ever found returned in a book was a passport - being used as a bookmark ...'
- Carol Simmons, Director, Daly City Library



'... when everything changes, I need a bookmark - I need you ...'
- John Geddes, A Familiar Rain

'If you had to pack your whole life into a suitcase - not just the practical things, like clothing, but the memories of the people you had lost and the girl you had once been - what would you take? The last photograph you had of your mother? A birthday gift from your best friend - a bookmark embroidered by her? A ticket stub from the traveling circus that had come through town two years ago, where you and your father held your breath as jeweled ladies flew through the air, and a brave man stuck his head in the mouth of a lion? Would you take them to make wherever you were going feel like home, or because you needed to remember where you had come from?'
- Jodi Picoult, The Storyteller

'The bookmark accompanying the books for six hundred years now, curiously didn't receive much attention yet.'
- E. Günther Rehse, Lesezeichen

'Many of the public libraries place markers in the books they issue, on some of which the rules and regulations governing the institute appear. Usually they bear the legend 'This marker to be returned with the book? - a much needed but oft-neglected injunction, if we were to take as accurate the statistics given by one librarian. Ten thousand markers were placed in the books, and at the end of three months not one of them could be found!'
- Frank Hamel, The History and Development of the Bookmarker, The Book-Lover's Magazine, 1906

'One of the great advantages of collecting bookmarkers is that they are easy to store.'
- A.W. Coysh



'To use an electronics analogy, closing a book on a bookmark is like pressing the Stop button, whereas when you leave the book facedown, you've only pressed Pause.'
- Anne Fadiman, Ex Libris: Confessions of a Common Reader

'The story of the bookmarker has not yet been fully told, perhaps because this useful but humble accessory to the library has but slight historical interest apart from that of the volume to which it belongs.'
- Frank Hamel, The History and Development of the Bookmarker, The Book-Lovers's Magazine, 1906

'Perhaps lexicographers might be convinced (though it is doubtful) to limit “bookmark” or “bookmarker” to the definition of the collected item.'
- Frank X. Roberts, Defining the Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'It becomes clear quickly, especially when looking at the home-made bookmarks that there is an intensive and yet largely unexplored relation of the human being to the bookmark.'
- Heidemarie Fischer-Kesselmann

'Every slip of paper in the house is my potential bookmark.'
- AwsomeAud,



'Dumb. He should have gotten the pen. Jewelry was so public ... and personal, which was why he'd bought it. He couldn't buy Eleanor a pen. Or a bookmark. He didn't have bookmarklike feelings for her.'
- Rainbow Rowell, Eleanor & Park

'I never thought of it, but bacon is actually the perfect size and shape for a bookmark. I'm imagining a nice hardcover edition of Hamlet with a piece of bacon poking out the top - how classy.'
- little miao,

'The oldest reference is from Omaha, NE, which reported that the Omaha Public Library “has a new trophy in its collection of things used as bookmarks—a slice of bacon.” The article wryly observed that “the library staff will not undertake to preserve it.”'
- Laine Farley, The Legend of the Bacon Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'When relatives and friends begin to recognise and appreciate the enthusiasm and effort with which you are increasing your collection they, on their part, will often be willing to make positive contributions by looking out for bookmarks when visiting other towns on day trips or on holiday. An interesting collection of foreign bookmarks can be built up in this manner over a period of years.'
- Geoffrey Firth

'It’s a set of bookmarks advertising their own Bookmark Exhibition. Images of bookmarks in the exhibition are used on the bookmarks advertising the exhibition. I think this is some sort of meta bookmark category.'
- Alan Irwin, Alan Irwin's Blog, about the bookmark exhibition on Mirage Bookmark website



'I am the photograph tucked away as a book-mark, in a book left half unread, once reopened to find memories crawling back into peripheral sight, faded, creased and lonely.'
- Alex Gaskarth

'It’s unfortunate that the Netscape Navigator browser started using the term bookmark back in the mid 1990’s. Internet Explorer uses the term favorite places, and the first web browser, Mosaic, used the term hotlink. But, Navigator was the big web browser during those early, precedent setting days, and the terminology stuck around.'
Alan Irwin, Alan Irwin's Blog

'It is January 2007 and a new word is born: bookmarking. This word which has been used alone for marking web pages with your browser so far has a new meaning and usage now. It covers the entire dealing with physical bookmarks like collecting them, exchanging bookmarks with friends, storing and displaying them and, of course, speaking and writing about them. In this sense: happy new year and happy bookmarking!'
- Asim Maner, Mirage Bookmark website

'A preservation librarian at Indiana University was so appalled that she called for establishing the
Worst Bookmark of the Year Award after finding a Hostess apple pie inside a book.'
- Laine Farley, The Legend of the Bacon Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'Back in the good old days, marketing and PR for libraries consisted of a flier or a bookmark. Now, we have to be just as commercially minded as the private sector.'
- Valerie Maginnis, Mission Viejo Library



'I love bookshelves, and stacks of books, spines, typography, and the feel of pages between my fingertips. I love bookmarks, and old bindings, and stars in margins next to beautiful passages.'
- Laini Taylor

'The bookmark changed in the course of time from the mere text marker to a carrier of communication, from a marker for reading it turned into a mark which can be read for itself.'
- Heidemarie Fischer-Kesselmann

'Although many of these novel bookmarks seem like good ideas, it is perhaps an indication of their value that several of them can no longer be found. In the end, simple paper bookmarks or their handy substitutes in the form of tickets, receipts and cards appear to win the day with bookmark users.'
- Laine Farley, Build A Better Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'As well as being a functional tool, a bookmark denotes human effort as decisively as a flagstaff planted on Everest. The sliver of paper silently congratulates the conqueror of a world of letters.'
- Nancy Campbell |


O little bookmark
slim and slight
between the pages
closed up tight.

When at last
I douse my light
you guard my place
all through the night.

No matter where
that place may be
I know you'll keep it
just for me.

Then in the morn
your squarish head
admist the book
above my bed.

O little bookmark
slim and slight
working, working
through the night.'

- Duncan Ball



'And she'd use anything she could find for a bookmark. My missing sock, an apple core, her reading glasses, another book, a fork.'
- Kami Garcia

'Sometimes a bookmark can bring a smile, somethimes cause a pause for thought but it nearly always sparks off a memory and apart from a postcard or a photograph there is not many things that have the power to do that.'
- Simon Quicke, The Love of Bookmarks,

'From the late 4th century A.D., when it seems the only bookmark available to St Augustine was his finger, to the present where they have become cultural artifacts as numerous as golf balls, bookmarks have remained extremely difficult to define.' 
- Frank X. Roberts, Defining the Bookmark, BiblioBuffet Website

'Every one who reads very much needs a bookmark. Here is the way I make them. Get a good pattern of a star. Trace the star onto cardboard and cut it out. Cover the cardboard with silver paper or pretty cloth. Before you put the paper or cloth on it get a piece of ribbon about 1 foot long.'
- The Washington Post, Jan 11, 1931

'Deep in a story, suddenly you turn a page and find the marker nagging at your curiosity, like a message in a bottle from a forgotten traveller.'
- Nancy Campbell,



'I discovered, from observing the trash-basket outside her door, that her regular reading consisted of tabloids and travel folders and astrological charts; that she smoked an esoteric cigarette called Picayunes: survived on cottage cheese and Melba toast; that her vari-colored hair was somewhat self-induced. The same sorce made it evident that she received V-letters by the bale. They were torn into strips like bookmarks. I used occasinally to pluck myself a bookmark in passing. Remember and miss you and rain and please write and damn and goddamn were the words that recurred most often on these slips; those, and lonesome and love.'
- Truman Capote, Breakfast at Tiffany's and Three Stories



Mirage Bookmark staged a competition in 2010 to find out a witty answer for the famous quote and question by Steven Spielberg: 
"Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use the dollar for a bookmark?"

The competition brought a large number of answers and was won by Richard Lomboy with the following answer:
"For the same reason why we use fork and knife instead of our hands."

A selection of other answers submitted to the competition:

"Why? Because it's a matter of civilization." - April Padilla

"You shouldn't use a dollar for a bookmark in order to avoid the temptation to spend that dollar for a bookmark." - Vaida Lukoseviciene

"My answer is: Real readers use real bookmarks." - C.C. Naccarato

"Simply because I don't want to corrupt my innocent books." - Nina Rothenberg

"Well, why not use a dollar for a bookmark? Why not use a flower? Or a letter, or a feather?" -

"If you keep your dollar you enrich yourself, if you use the bookmark you enrich your book." - Natalia Crespo

"Why do I pay a dollar for a bookmark? My answer's just because some have buy one and got one free!" - Fatima Flores

"Steven, you are a naughty boy! Where is the dollar bill I gave you to get me a bookmark? Your Mum." - Johan Josse

"Why pay a dollar for a bookmark? Because you'll not get a bookmark for the phthisic dollar soon."
"A bookmark touches your mind and sometimes finds a place in your heart" - Elly van der Horst

"A dollar wants to circulate, a bookmark wants to stay with you." - Leo ten Have

"The choice of a bookmark is a matter of personal taste and civilisation. Show me your bookmark and I will tell you who you are!" - Georg Hartong

"All words are worthy of time spent with George Washington." - Linda K. Dorman

"Because I don't think Mr. Washington is interested in reading the same book as me." - Patrick A.

"Why pay $10 for a Jurassic Park DVD? Why not buy some bottles of beer for $10 and download the Jurassic Park for free?" - Umberto Savolini

"I do not use a dollar as a bookmark simply because I am a reader and not a spender!" - Noël Gybels

"If I used a dollar for a bookmark, someone would probably steal my book." - Monica S. | The Bibliophilic Book Blog

"It's simple really, why put something in a book that causes greed, hurt and selfishness, in something that is so unselfish to spread wisdom to those
who even dare open the cover? Books are children, always full of love and trust - naive of the real world. Would you show all the evils in the world
to a child?" - Paige DePagter 

   Sonnet to a Bookmark
Patience, hard thing, but you my trusty mate
   Have learned the way. Even left out in the rain,
   Uncomplaining you mark the poet's old refrain,
   "They also serve who only stand and wait."
   Though drowned in coffee stains and many a tear,
   Soldier-like you stand and keep the guard;
   When weary heads begin to nod, you're there,
   Between the pages keeping watch and ward.
   There is a lesson in your quiet ways:
   That we who frown and fret might try to learn
   Like you awhile to stop and think and look;
   To put some simple patience in our days,
   And find at last the truth for which we yearn
   Stands within, not on the pages of our book.          - Frank X. Roberts

"Because in god, I do not trust." - Fabio Bianchi

"A bookmark is free and independent and it's made to please you!" - Elly van der Horst

"I had been using a dollar bill for a bookmark once and had to stop it because I could no more hear George grumbling all the time: 'Why don't you
buy a bookmark? Why are you using me for a bookmark?' " - Cynthia Wagner

"Because a dollar is just a dollar, not more. But when you buy a bookmark by using a dollar, you can see kind of things in the world, you can read
amazing lines from amazing people and of course you can travel somewhere no one has been to before. So a dollar is just a dollar but a bookmark
may open the doors of a new world magically. But for all of these things you have to know how you should look ..." - Merve Görkem Yavuz

"I use change to buy my bookmarks. Have any better uses for change?" - Ashlee Garner

"Because ...
  a bookmark is ...
  a message of love for thirsty souls,
  a message of hope for those in despair,
  a message of wisdom for open minded,
  a genuine treasure."                                        - Catalin Ardelean

"Otherwise just Americans could do it."  - Fed. Angelo

"Money is dirty, you wouldn't want to read a "dirty book" now would you?"  - L. Armstrong

"Because I don't want to have to find my place after someone steels my bookmark."  - Alice Mitchell

"Because a dollar in the book will increase the value of it."  - Jenny D.C.       - an amazing answer indeed -


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