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The Art of Bookmark

a collection of bookmarks from 1850s up to now, hosted on this website

Stevengraph Silks
alphabetic listing with detailed pictures of silk bookmarks made by Stevens; Grant, Welch & Lenton and many other British weavers

large reference site on Victorian woven silk pictures and bookmarks with
amazing pictures

Silver Bookmarks
world's largest online collection of antique bookmarks with over 1000
exhibits in many different materials and make-up

Victorian Silk
a comprehensive site about silk pictures, bookmarks and postcards,
this is a mirror site of the Stevengraphs Silk page (see above)

Le Musée du Marque-Page
large and systematic exhibition, possibility to swap bookmarks

Lesezeichen Museum - Bookmark Museum of Peter Scheffer
page in German displays many old and rare bookmarks

Le Marque-pages de Mimi
beautiful exhibition of bookmarks
Bookmark Museum of Clemens Posten
many bookmarks on display with unusual navigation

Krueger Books Bookmark Museum
a rudimentary collection of bookmarks on exhibition

Punto de Papel
Blog of Maria Rosa from Gran Canaria with beautiful bookmarks 

Viva o libro

Spanish blog of Enri with beautifully presented bookmarks
Bookmark collection of Maurice from Belgium
systematical and beautiful design

Marcapáginas de mi colección
Beautiful blog by Justa Gonzáles Arias in Spanish
Les Marque-pages de Maryse
pictures of her collection and doubles for exchanging

Bookmark Kingdom // Collecting Bookmarks
blog of Vaida from Lithuania with many pictures

Mark My Place
Debrah from Australia shows her bookmark collection & more
Marque-Pages & Co
the blog of Christine shows her collection and list of collectors
French site of David Gigant with pictures of his bookmarks

Website of the collector Kanata from Japan
showing pictures of her Japanese bookmarks, site in Japanese
Françoise R. displays bookmarks to swap
send her images of your double bookmarks to exchange

Hélène's page showing her bookmarks to swap
includes also a list of collectors

Collection of Juliette
a large collection with pictures

Pierre-Yves page       
shows also his doubles
Aimé Marquenie's blog       
shows her doubles to exchange

Mirage Bookmark Gift Shop
bookmarks with art motifs in steel, card and magnetic varieties

Barnes & Noble Bookstore
carrying a large variety of bookmarks, search for bookmark
historical woven bookmarks by various manufacturers
large selection of different bookmarks

Google shopping
lots of bookmarks
online shop for homemade products, search for bookmark

J.J. Cash's
traditional UK weaving company with woven silk bookmarks

beautiful laser engraved wood and wood inlay bookmarks

metal bookmarks that hook over the spine of the book

Papilionaceous Ltd
producer of woven silk picture bookmarks, shops indicated

German publishing house with witty products

Literary Luminaries
printed bookmarks with impressive caricatures of famous people

In My Book
perforated greeting cards to serve as bookmarks 

Silver Groves
divers silver bookmarks

The Internet Antique Shop (TIAS)
vintage and new bookmarks offered by a pool of traders

Collector Online
large compound of traders with online shops
Paul Kidby dot com
bookmarks with illustrations of Paul Kidby

Squadron Prints
bookmarks with prints of military aircrafts and ships

Clover Gift
woven bookmarks from Turkey, large variety of motifs

The Ephemera Catalog
vintage bookmarks and trade cards

Librarie Durango - Bruxelles, Belgium
original lithography on card by comic illustrators, order by email

Etsy Shop of Carla Chaves
beautifully illustrated and laminated bookmarks of phantasy figures

nternational Friends of Bookmarks (IFOB)
IFOB is an informal community of individuals sharing an interest in bookmarks, such as bookmark collectors, librarians, publishers of books and papers on bookmarks, product designers, museum archivists & registrars, and ephemera specialists. The mission of the IFOB is to support its members in collecting & exchanging bookmarks and in retrieving, generating and sharing information about bookmarks. To achieve its goals, IFOB started a website in December 2015 ( with the aim to grow it into a public resource of knowledge about bookmarks and as a communication platform for the members. Further activities include circulating a newsletter, publishing papers and organising occasional meetings for its members. The membership is free of charge and qualifies for a subscription of the

The Bookmark Society (TBS)
The Bookmark Society was founded in 1991 by Joe Stephenson of Horwich, UK. Most members are based in UK, but the society welcomes members from all over. The society publishes a periodic newsletter (TBS News - The Bookmark Society News) with news and listings about book- marks old and new. There are also swap meets at least twice a year at which members can get to know fellow collectors, discuss nominated themes and, of course, swap bookmarks. Correspondence by email can be addressed to the membership secretary at:

The Ephemera Society of America (ESA)

The ESA is a non-profit organization encouraging the preservation and the study of paper ephemera and is the publisher of The Ephemera Journal. Web page contains an information page on bookmarks and a vast list of links including collectors, traders and public organizations.

The Stevengraph Collectors Association, US & UK
Collectors' association founded in 1954 publishes a quarterly newsletter that contains informations on weavings of Thomas Stevens and rare finds, prices of recent sales, items of interest for sale or purchase, members' activities, and informations on items from silk weavers other than Mr. Stevens. The Association would be pleased to email a free sample copy of their newsletter to anyone who asks. Please contact the president of the association, Mark Cottrill, at: 

Book Arts - University of the West of England
The Bookmarks project of the university distributes series of free artwork
bookmarks created by artists in several countries. The bookmarks can be
picked up by the visitors of galleries, libraries and bookstores. For partici-
pation in future projects contact the university. 


The Leather Bookmark Club
The club was started in 1989 and welcomes members from all countries. The intention is to promote the collection of leather or leather board bookmarks. The club members are interested in purchasing any type of leather or leather board bookmarks, both new and old, providing they are in reasonable condition.

Rheinhausen District Library, Duisburg, Germany
The Rheinhausen district library owns a large collection of bookmarks which has been shown as a travelling exhibition in many different places. The library organizes also every year a bookmark exhibitions with the participation of bookmark collectors. A scientific approach to classify and catalogue bookmarks has led to some publications (in German / English) and can be seen as pdf files on the website.

Antique Advertising Association of America (AAAA)
The AAAA is the largest club for collectors of popular and antique
advertising. The club's newsletter, PastTimes is filled with photos
and information on paper, tin or wood advertising, signs, containers,
ephemera or displays.

Forgotten Bookmarks

Personal, funny, heartbreaking and weird things found in books

Bookmark Collector
Refreshing blog of Alan Irvin about collecting bookmarks

Inside Books
Simon Quicke's literature blog features the Bookmark of the Week

Bookmark Blog of Natalia Crespo
Spanish site with many images and background information
I Found A Bookmark
bookmark project of Eefje & Rachael

Punto de Lectura
Spanish blog of Olga Sotomayor from Chile

Marcapaginas Fefe
blog of Fefe from Canary Islands

Yahoo Group on Collecting Bookmarks
monthly exchange of bookmarks

Things in Books
all things found in books
pictures of all types of bookmarks - Flickr group

Fotopedia - Bookmark
counterpart of Wikipedia for photos - section bookmark

Vintage Bookmarks
pictures of vintage bookmarks - Flickr group

F**k Yes, Bookmarks
pictures of bookmarks found online

Picture Gallery Blog by Mirage Bookmark
many beautiful pictures of divers bookmarks

Marcadores de Livros
bookmark pictures - Flickr group

Things Found in Books
pictures of items found in books - Flickr group

Me & My Bookmark
pictures of reading people and bookmarks - Flickr group

Advertising Bookmarks
pictures of advertising bookmarks, old and new


publishing house with wholesale offer of bookmarks and stationery

The Bookmark Shop

variety of wholesale bookmarks, also custom bookmarks

etched metal bookmarks retail and wholesale

Paper House Productions
variety of die-cut bookmarks in wholesale

West Sky Promotions
variety of low cost printed bookmarks

Canadian art magazine producing monthly collectible bookmarks

wholesale supplier of divers bookmarks and reading tools

Australian Bookmarks and Bookplates
can also be ordered retail via email

Impressive Inscriptions
printed and tasseled custom bookmarks for your occasion

The Bookmark Shop
wholesale bookmarks for stores, also retail shop

visit our gift shop  |  custom metal bookmarks from mirage bookmark

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