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all our bookmarks come in an elegant gift packaging
(except single card bookmarks) and are ready-made ideal gifts


"I received the bookmarks a few days ago and I must say they are absolutely stunning.
They really do look better in person as you can see all the intricate details, particularly in
Gustav Klimt's The Kiss. They're all so beautiful I tempted to get the whole collection!
I've given some to friends as gifts and they all love it. Best gifts ever, thank you!"
Ann L., Wakeley, NSW Australia


  Free Gift Service

   Surprise your friends with an elegant gift from Mirage Bookmark and a personal note from you!
   The receiver will get a letter with one or more bookmarks of your choice together with  a 
   personal note from you - a letter printed on a notepaper with a starry sky as seen on the left.
   We enclose in this case no invoice in the letter - we do this only with normal orders.
   We ship the letter airmail from Switzerland to any address of your choice all over the world.
How do I order the free gift service?
   Just write us the receiver's address and the note you wish to be enclosed to: mail@miragebookmark.ch     
   We will confirm your wish by email and will be ready for your order. 
   You choose the bookmark(s) in our gift shop and pay them by PayPal - that's all.
   You only pay the price for the bookmarks which include the worldwide airmail shipping.
   When ordering through PayPal shopping cart, you don't need to change the shipping address
   which is in normal case your own address, because we know the shipping address from your
   previous email to us. If you don't have a PayPal account or if you wish this, you can order also
   the bookmark(s) of your choice with your first email. In this case we'll send you an electronic
   invoice which you can settle with your credit card. 
   After your payment, we'll confirm the note and the shipping address by email.
   If you have special questions, you can also call us at:  +41 61 641 81 61


If you have difficulties with the PayPal shopping cart, you can also order by email or by phone:
mail@miragebookmark.ch           phone: +41 61 641 81 61
Customers in Switzerland, Germany and the European Union can pay also by advance bank transmission.

The Seven Benefits of Our Gift Shop
1. All prices include worldwide airmail shipping
   2. We offer personal service - your order will be confirmed by our webmaster via email
You can ask anytime questions about your order at:  mail@miragebookmark.ch  or you can call us at +41 61 641 81 61
   3. We ship within 24 hours during business days - transition time is roughly one week for 90% of destinations
       incl. US, Canada, Australia, Europe, Japan, Singapore, Hong Kong - except holidays

   4. Highest standard of online security - we accept credit cards and we process your order thru PayPal
You don't need to have a PayPal account for ordering our bookmarks - just write us an email to: 
       we'll send you an electronic invoice which can be settled by your credit card at the highest security standards provided by PayPal

   5. We are a Swiss based producer and distributor and we ship directly from Switzerland

   6. We provide a 30-day money-back guarantee
for all products returned within 30 days we refund the full price without further questions
  7. You are doing business with an expert company for bookmarks
We operate web's leading reference site on bookmarks - www.miragebookmark.ch - and we produce world's finest metal bookmarks

    Do you supply wholesale bookmarks to bookstores?
    Yes, we supply bookstores and gift shops. Please visit our
wholesale page.
    How about a quantity discount for companies ordering larger quantities for their customers?
    Please contact us at:  
mail@miragebookmark.ch  or call us at +41 61 641 81 61 Switzerland
    Do you produce custom bookmarks, corporate gifts or promotional bookmarks?
    Yes, we produce custom designed bookmarks from a minimum quantity of 250 bookmarks.
    Please visit our page on
custom bookmarks.


    We value your privacy as much as our own. None of your personal information will ever be sold
    or shared with anyone.


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