Metal bookmarks

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hand-made by Rick Bissell from The Mobile Factory 
stainless steel wire, sheet metal, acrylic paint | 175 mm
signed and dated by the artist | 2003

Who can describe this unique bookmark better then its creator,
Rick Bissell: "I don't believe that Alexander Calder ever created
a bookmark ...  but if he had, it might have looked like this."

Rick started making hanging mobiles in the 1980s after he stum-
bled upon a book about Alexander Calder in his local library. 
"I had no idea that a hanging mobile could be "fine art", or that it
was an art form uniquely invented by Calder in the 1930's and 
developed into fantastic levels of beauty and complexity over the
next 40 years of his life.
... Twenty-five years later, I am still making
hanging mobiles and I still get the same thrill when I hang one up
and "set it free" for the first time."



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