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Victorian Heinz Pickle Bookmarks
Victorian Heinz Pickle advertising bookmarks photography by The Mirage Bookmark Photostream 

Knitted acorn bookmark made by Suse3 from Australia. Handicraft and photography by Suse3 

Puppyholder and bookmark. Photography by  courtesy of        


Two hand-made and illustrated quote bookmarks. Artwork and photography by lilly1975


Preparing for a site evaluation of a maternity website for a uni assignment, rumblemumbles made sure she had enough bookmarks at hand. Photography by rumlemumbles

Photoetched steel bookmarks designed by C. Royal. Photography by madcrow

The finger of the Austrian poet Grillparzer serving as a bookmark in the Volksgarten in Vienna. Photography by mags_Tag


Hand-made altered tag bookmarks produced by Alicia Pellón (left) and Nenúfar Blanco (right). Photography by aLiCia PeLLóN  and Nenúfar Blanco

Paper-thin steel bookmark with a cut-out illustration showing the Great Wave by Hokusai in a snow landscape. Photography by madcrow

Hoops & Yoyo bookmark from Hallmark marking a page of the comic Macanudo 2 by Liniers. Photography by betitu

Dead mouse bookmark made by Jutta @ flickr using linoleum printed transparent plastic foils. Photography by Jutta @ flickr

Peeking bookmarks hand-made by blacklilypie. Photography by blacklilypie

Koloman Moser - art nouveau bookmark - commercial bookmark produced by Mirage Bookmark

Mrs. Polar Bear and Mr. Fox visited their favourite bookstore recently and browsed through some interesting literature. Photography by tommy.toast

Corner bookmark home-made by Tami Hartley for her daughter. Photography by Tami Hartley

Dog Bookmark by Andy C.
Dog bookmark - photography by Andy C 

No, David! A very special bookmark. Photography by DavyRocket

Pencil drawing bookmarks by Joy Williams - 

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