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The bookmark shows the icon artwork The Great Wave created by Japan's most famous artist Hokusai in 1831. To the right of the wave the snow covered Mount Fuji can be seen in the distance. Whereas
the ancient woodblock print of Hokusai is limited to what is seen on the upper part of the bookmark, the illustration here extends down- wards by a winter scene depicting the sea under snowfall and a
landscape with snow covered bamboo shrubs. Hence - as a result of
the necessity to fit  the illustration into the longish form of a bookmark
- the Great Wave is set here in a new and unique context of a winter

This double-sided bookmark is one of the most beautiful bookmarks  Mirage Bookmark has ever produced. 



brushed stainless steel bookmark | 135 x 39 mm | 5.32 x 1.54" |
with very finely cut-out and engraved illustration
(the black areas within the bookmark are cut holes)
comes in an elegant gift packaging 
mounted on inlay card 210 x 70 mm

US$ 24.00

price includes priority airmail shipment
no other taxes or fees

Our bookmarks come with a 30-day money-back guarantee.

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