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The double sided bookmark displays on both sides the portrait of Tut- ankhamun, a highly detailed image from the temple of Karnak showing how the falcon-headed God Month accompanies the pharaoh Sesos- tris I to the God Amun who reaches the pharao an ankh - the symbol of life - and further below a jewel pendant of Princess Sit-Hathor from Dahshur. 


Metal bookmark | Ancient Egypt | Mirage Bookmark


brushed stainless steel bookmark | 135 x 39 mm | 5.32 x 1.54" |
with very finely cut and engraved illustration
(the black areas within the bookmark are cut holes)
comes in an elegant gift packaging 
mounted on inlay card 210 x 70 mm

US$ 18.00

price includes priority airmail shipment
no other taxes or fees

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